Month: February 2019


Online Training Courses — The Passport To A Better Life

Human beings have a natural desire to learn, to evolve and to rise in stature. We are progressive creatures, and when our life-style and work pressures cause us to stop learning and growing, we become stale, despondent and depressed. Observe a baby at play and you will soon realize that we were wired to discover new things every day right from the start.

Many of us may have a niggly feeling that our lives and finances “could” improve “if only” we could find the time and money to invest in a new qualification; I am sure that you too have had that feeling sometimes. But like most people, the niggly feeling remains just that-the “I only wish I had the time”.

In the last decade, more and more people are revisiting their dreams and are making them come true. These are the “lucky” people who found the magic key that unlocked the door to a better, more rewarding and financially prosperous world-that key is Open Learning Education.

As principal of a very busy and successful Registered Training Organization, I have had the privilege to encourage and support thousands of … Read the rest

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