Online Training Courses — The Passport To A Better Life

Human beings have a natural desire to learn, to evolve and to rise in stature. We are progressive creatures, and when our life-style and work pressures cause us to stop learning and growing, we become stale, despondent and depressed. Observe a baby at play and you will soon realize that we were wired to discover new things every day right from the start.

Many of us may have a niggly feeling that our lives and finances “could” improve “if only” we could find the time and money to invest in a new qualification; I am sure that you too have had that feeling sometimes. But like most people, the niggly feeling remains just that-the “I only wish I had the time”.

In the last decade, more and more people are revisiting their dreams and are making them come true. These are the “lucky” people who found the magic key that unlocked the door to a better, more rewarding and financially prosperous world-that key is Open Learning Education.

As principal of a very busy and successful Registered Training Organization, I have had the privilege to encourage and support thousands of people reach out for their dreams and achieve them–people who, before the advent of Open Learning, had no chance whatsoever to escape their lives of mediocrity and low-self esteem.
We live in a fast changing world, where even Master Degrees and PhDs can no longer ward off the sceptre of unemployment. But there is one skill that is increasingly in demand in both industry and Government.

I am speaking of the Workplace Training and Assessment Industry. Skilled and qualified trainers and assessors are rare. Training and Assessment in the workplace is now becoming compulsory worldwide because of insurance requirements and government legislation. Major corporate and government organizations are now demanding standardized and accountable training programs-and qualified people to design them and deliver them.

One event I observed closely demonstrates the power of online training. This is the story of “Jim”, a 50- year-young fork lift driver who was a legend in his workplace for his ability to manoeuvre his fork-lift into the smallest of places.
Through no fault of his own, Jim found himself unemployed due to an unexpected company restructure. This is a man who took pride in the fact that he had worked all his life–and mostly for the same company. Jim was devastated. His prospects of employment were very poor-and his self-esteem had plummeted. Jim was given a generous redundancy package, but without an income his future was now very grim. Jim went into depression and started to exhibit signs of anxiety.

A mutual friend asked me for advice-Jim has always been a bright and cheery type of person. He loved making people laugh at work with his jokes and quips-he was very popular. Now, he hardly left the house and simply sat in front of the television-glancing at the screen but focusing on his misfortune.
So, armed with best intentions, his friend and I went to visit him. At first Jim was visibly annoyed at our arrival, but being a polite man he let us in the house. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, during which we all stared at the ceiling, I decided to plunge straight into action.
I asked Jim about fork lift driving and where he had learned about it-this started the conversation flowing just like the waters of a dam flow when suddenly released. Jim told us all about his early training and how he had to endure hours of abuse at the hands of a slightly inebriated teacher.

Apparently this “teacher” liked to have a few beers before training. It seems that a tipsy fork lift trainer can be a scary experience especially when demonstrating tight turns and emergency stop procedures.
Jim chuckled that in all his life he had never seen so many people so focused on one person-they were the most attentive students ever–watching carefully the general direction of the tipsy trainer and his fork lift.
By now Jim had managed to lighten up-and that was my cue. I asked him “How would you like to train other people how to drive a fork lift?” “How? I am not a teacher. I only have a school certificate!”
I explained to Jim that there was a qualification called “Train-The-Trainer” course. He could take this qualification by distance education and that he could use his grand children as “students” during mock classes. There is very little that grand children will not do for grandpa + a $50 bill.

I knew that asking Jim to attend a classroom was out of the question-he was embarrassed about being unemployed and he would have definitely refused to do so. I showed him some of the material and videos and audio tapes and they seemed harmless enough to him.
Jim took to the course with enthusiasm. He spent his time looking at the video films on the television but this time his eyes were full of hope and joy. He was by far one of our better students and completed the course with a distinction note attached to his certificate.

When Jim completed the course he came to my office and asked me, “How do I go about asking for a job?” He was not expecting my answer. I asked him puzzled “A job? Do you really want to work for other people again?”
I explained to Jim that as a qualified trainer with exceptional skills in fork lift driving he could offer his services to companies who employed these types of vehicles and charge a fee as a visiting trainer. He would make a lot more money as a contractor and he would be able to help many people become safe and expert fork lift drivers like himself.
Jim took my advice and was astonished by the initial response he received. Even his old employer was very eager to have Jim train the young driver’s team-and Jim started to earn in one week, what he previously earned in two months.

The life of this man was changed because of an opportunity. He took that opportunity and he enjoyed the rewards.
The days of the Train The Trainer qualification are over. Today the qualification has evolved into a magnificent and thorough training program called the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
The course is delivered fully on line now. There are exciting videos and audio tutorial, and lots of buttons to click on the screen. The course is a highly regarded and respected qualification and it is listed in the Government Training Register.

If you are a Jim or a Jenny, consider taking action and take control of your life. All you have to do is take the first step. Rest assured that during your training you will meet many people wanting to help you achieve your goals. Tutors and staff who work in the online training field do so because they love to help other people.
If you are passionate about a topic-and you like helping people, then teach them your skills. There is nothing like learning from people who love what they are doing-I know because I am one of them.